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Updated: Aug 8, 2018

The show that occurred last weekend in Burbank was not only a celebration of beautiful American cars, but also a pleasure to discover or re-discover classic European cars.

It is no surprise that in the middle of Movies and celebrity cars, some European cars were the show stealers:

It started with an engine start of a Fiat Topolino of the 40's... You will probably ask us what is so special about an engine start of a small car as that one? Well, let say that this Topolino received a big shot of vitamins... and has been to a Gym for some months in a row... More seriously, this car has been fully rebuilt as a Dragster, yes a Dragster!

More than just this car, we have been impressed by the work done by "INFAMOUS" and the overall amount of VW Bugs present during the show (after all, the VW Bug is a part of the Californian culture, no?). Let's no forget all the American cars on display, with rare models such as a Shelby GT350H, a fully restored Shelby GT350, a Plymouth Superbird as found on some NASCAR tracks years ago.

That will be very long to give a detailed list of all the great cars we had the chance to have a look at on this sunny day, but it was a real pleasure for us to see in the mix a De Tomaso Pantera, Porsche 911 Turbo, Lancia Aurelia and other European beauties.

Share with us your passion for European Classic cars and notify us for upcoming events.

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